Batman, or Adam West if we have to get real for a few seconds, has spoken the silent word and revealed his favorite fight Onomatopoeia!

Adam West, better known as Batman, was at Wizard World Comic Con this weekend. And after 60 years in the business, the 87 year old actor is still enjoying meeting the crowds as much a ever, he says. “Look, my job is to make people happy, and Batman has made them [fans] happy, and that’s why I like to go to the comic cons to meet people.”

When asked which Onomatopoeia he like best, he said: “I guess it might be BAROOOM!”

And went on to joke saying; “You know what it spells?” “BAROOM.”

When asked about a favourite Batman throughout Batman’s career span? West simply put forward himself as candidate, as to politely not cause unrest.

However he did raise eyebrow to the continuing trend toward darker super heroes and characters.

“[Anti-heroes are] interesting in literature to a certain extent, but I’m really beginning to feel adverse — well even more than adverse — almost emotionally angry about the violence and the bloodshed and the explosions and the killings,” he says. “It’s not good for the kids.”

The film industry has certainly changed since the days of Adam West and the origins or our POW! and KAPOW! Onomatopoeia’s. Are super heroes even targeted at children now in the slightest? You only have to walk around a comic con to see the current adult interest in super heroes, who evidently have cash in their pockets, unlike many children. There are no age limits when it comes to comic culture.


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